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Help symptoms and end period poverty, one candle at a time

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Amazing smell, amazing cause

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When I knew my period was close approaching, roughly 3 days before scheduled, I would light the candle for an hour just before bed for 3 days in a row and continued for roughly 5 days in a row. I noticed the change on my first cycle and even more so on my second and each time it got better and better. By better I mean pms symptoms subsided, period cramps reduced significantly, lighter periods, length of my period went from 6-7 days to 3-4. My mind was blown.

Annie R.


I was lucky enough to be able to try one of these candles, and it is amazing! The smell is beautiful, it burns really well, and I love that it's all natural. It definitely helps alleviate period symptoms, especially my mood, it made me feel calm and happy! I'm excited to be able to purchase another one!

Kelly S.


Someone like myself who suffers from bad menstrual cramps, nausea and pms, surprisingly this candle has helped me in many ways! I’ve noticed that my cramps are not as severe. I usually have heavy periods and noticed my flow is lighter than before. There are several different emotions that come into play while on your period and with this candle I’m able to be in a better mood and get a decent sleep. Would I use this product again? “Absolutely”!

Cassandra F.